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Computerised Maintenance Management System

Principles of Operation of Sentia

  • Sentia is a complete management information solution using the workorder as the hub of the system.  It consists of five fully integrated modules: Workorders, Routines/Outages, Purchasing, Inventory and Administration.

  • Sentia, our Computerised Asset Management Solution is a fully integrated software product functionally designed by maintenance engineers and purchasing staff who have an in-depth understanding of asset management issues.

  • Sentia has been in everyday use for over four years and has a proven track record in the provision of asset management solutions, from maintenance to inventory and purchasing.

  • Sentia:

    • Was developed using experienced maintenance staff with "hands on" experience of asset management issues.

    • Is an essential building block in ensuring high plant availability.

    • Facilitates a clear focus on good maintenance practice. The emphasis is on ensuring users move from reactive to proactive maintenance.

    • Promotes conformity with Health and Safety Standards and Pressure Systems Directives.

    • Achieves success by ensuring that maintenance becomes an integrated and essential part of the production process.

    • Assists the user to gain the best added value from the infomation collected ensuring optimum results.

'Sentia provides a holistic approach to delivering high availability of 92% in a profit oriented manner'
Robert Apsley
Operations Director
Ballylumford Power Station, PPL

Workorder Module

  • The workorder module of Sentia® is the heart of the system.

  • Workorders can be raised easily saving time and effort

  • Equipment hierarchy allows ease of use and can be tailored to the specific needs of individual clients.

  • Sentia provides cost effective management and seeks to ensure reductions in Maintenance Department budgets of up to 15%

  • Risk assessments are fully internal to the system, making Sentia the driving force for safe systems of work and enhancing overall safety for personnel and plant.

  • Sentia lengthens the 'planning horizon' allowing the ratio of percentage of planned to unplanned work to increase, resulting in better utilisation of staff.

  • Statutory routines are generated automatically giving prolonged asset life through proactive maintenance.

Routines and outages Module

  • All routines and outages are template based and can be generated over and over again, saving the maintenance engineer valuable time by having to add data only once.

  • All elements of a routine or outage template can be planned exactly as a workorder and saved until required. This includes all materials, services, stock and labour. Again, this yields significant savings in engineering time.

  • The routines section features the ability to generate routines automatically based on either time or usage. This provides the flexibility required by clients.

  • The outages section allows the user to generate single or multiple workorders related to an outage task quickly and easily from templates to any similar equipment number

  • Effective asset management enhanced through the use of routine generation of workorders helps the maintenance engineer to move to a more proactive regime and facilitates compliance with statutory regulations.

Inventory Module

  • Sentia provides an inventory database with full integration to the workorder module for spare parts and associated costs.

  • Inventory is controlled through a series of user defined rules that generate purchase orders, automatically saving effort and time.

  • The inventory hierarchy is based on "a parent-child" relationship meaning faster more logical searching.

  • Sentia provides control of all stock transactions ensuring that accurate, up to date, on-hand quantities are visible and all purchase receipts are made within this module to further save administration costs.

  • Allows health and safety data to be stored electronically with the stock item to ensure compliance with health and safety regulations.

  • Reduces spare part inventories saving typically up to 30%.

Purchasing Module

  • Incorporates strict controls to ensure full compliance with internal and external audits.

  • Allows requisitions to be raised and purchase orders processed for both goods and services and imposes financial limits based on log in.

  • Utilises a Service Manager section to accurately control variable service contracts that are delivered both on and off site through the use of variation orders.

  • Includes supplier rating procedure to assist with contractor performance indicators.

  • Provides a goods return section ensuring that no equipment or stock item is returned or shipped without the benefit of tracking.

Administration Module

The administration module contains:

  • Individual user log-in rights can be assigned by the system administrator quickly and effectively. This generates significant time savings.

  • A budgeting section permits budgets to be planned at equipment level but held at account level. Thus providing engineers and financial managers with the information they need.

  • Budgets can be phased throughout the year resulting in full financial visibility for the asset manager. This allows a dynamic view of remaining equipment budget on each asset.

  • An automatic instant messaging service for all users logged on to provide information about purchase receipts and any other area.

  • Access to a full audit trail for all system transactions, logging data change information.

  • Self-customisable variables for all users releasing system administrator's time.

'Having seen the software in operation I can now appreciate the scope and potential of this system to any organisation'
Colin McVea
Maintenance Manager
Signalling Maintenance Northern Ireland Railways

'Sentia has proved to be a very robust and reliable product allowing 120 users full access to information vital to their roles.  It offers superior functionality and delivers tangible business results.'
James Strong
CCGT IT Engineer
Corona Power Plant, PPL

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